Copy of About

Haylee Hoff was born on Long Island, New York and currently lives in Los Angeles, California. Her mediums of choice are ceramics, floral design and fine art.

Ceramics- Unleash the blooming beauty of nature's palette, captured on ceramic canvases, by Haylee. Her ceramics are hand built, one of a kind pieces. Applying glazes with a paint brush allows her painting background to showcase itself. Her work includes traditional vases, ikebana vases, mugs, fruit bowls, coasters, matcha bowls, platters and more.

Florals- Haylee began to seriously play with flowers in 2016, providing services such as local flower deliveries, weddings, corporate events, photoshoots, commercials, and installations. She sees her floral designs as an extension of her artwork, paying close attention to color and form. Each floral creation is unique in its own way, allowing for the unexpected to occur.  

Fine Art- Haylee works primarily with flashe and acrylics on canvas, wood panel and paper. She is particularly drawn to the landscapes of Los Angeles, California and Cape Rosier, Maine where she visits in the summers each year. She works from her own photographs, focusing on the light the relationships between colors. While some of her works are realistic, she also delves into abstraction and manipulation to further explore ways of seeing.